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Just released: The new TRILAB DeltiQ 2 printer is here! Read more

Perfect from the First Layer to the Last

The TRILAB DeltiQ is a reliable 3D printer for the professional world. You don’t have to watch it while it works, but the movements of its delta kinematics are so graceful that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

A Universal Printer

Experts are using the TRILAB DeltiQ today in a wide variety of fields. Its reliable printing and high-quality outputs save time and money and let these pros work fast.

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  1. Uncompromising print quality
  2. Printing with few or no supports
  3. Uniform quality throughout the build volume
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  1. Precise printing for complex shapes
  2. Broad feedstock support (PLA, flex, wood, nylon, and more)
  3. A great height-independent surface for your prints.
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  1. A complete solution, including training
  2. A superbly fine-tuned printer
  3. Experienced technical and application support
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Delta kinematics:
A whole new league of 3D printing

We’ve sent troubles with ordinary 3D printers right where they belong: into the past of serious 3D printing.

An Ultralight Print Head

The award-winning E3D hotend, a calibration probe, cooling, and nothing more. And all this on light, yet rock-solid carbon arms. Thus compared to heavy designs based on print heads, all this guarantees high printing speed and precision.

Linear Rails

Just as you have one single, tight path that you want for your printing, your printing is itself guided down one tight path. Three linear guideways from a renowned manufacturer control the print head’s motion, with a guarantee of repeatability and high precision.

A Heated Bed That Stays Still

Throughout the whole printing process, your model won’t move a single millimeter as it grows. So you’ll avoid problems with bad surfaces or overall printing failures throughout the whole print space height.

A Firm Frame

The printer’s frame is built from high-quality construction profiles and special connectors, ensuring excellent print stability.

Exceptionally Quiet

With its minimum of moving parts, its fine-tuned cooling, and its high-quality components, this printer would be easy to forget if weren’t so special. It’s exceptionally quiet even at high printing speeds, and it can even turn off automatically when it’s done.


The DeltiQ’s results speak for it.
And here they are.

We’re always glad whenever one of our satisfied customers sends us a new print from our TRILAB printers. You’ll find several of them in our gallery.

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We make printers for everyone who needs a high-quality 3D print without tinkering.

We’ll be glad to tell you more about DeltiQ or send you a printed sample. Just let us know.