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TRILAB 3D printers

They are established through many years of experience. Whether you are looking for a printer to facilitate production or in the laboratory, you will not be left out with our printers. Thanks to the delta kinematics used, it allows you to create simple and complex models, often with a minimum amount of supports, thanks to which you will be done much faster than other FDM printers. In addition, we wrapped the printers in thoughtful designs that simply demand your attention.


It is different from other printers. And not just because we say it is. TRILAB DeltiQ 2 is a reliable printer built from quality parts, which are also used for professional 3D printing in companies and laboratories.

These companies rely on
our printers


Made and tuned in the Czech Republic

DeltiQ printers are the direct result of the cooperation of our development and production teams. Subsequent real testing and output control give you the assurance that you will get a perfectly tuned machine.



68 parameters

Only perfectly tuned machines pass our demanding output control.


1,4 kg

The amount of material used during testing.