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TRILAB AzteQ Industrial:
The first in a new line of TRILAB delta printers

AzteQ is an industrial delta printer with a closed actively heated chamber up to 80°C for top of the line 3D printing without material or spatial compromises. The AzteQ Industrial printer is guaranteed to facilitate the production of components from materials such as ABS, ASA, PA, PC or PP that will withstand high temperatures and are chemically and mechanically resistant.

3D tiskárna TRILAB AzteQ Industrial

6 reasons of why to choose an AzteQ Industrial

1. Accuracy of delta kinematics

In addition to their printing speed, the main advantages of delta printers are their high spatial accuracy and superior printing surface quality.

2.  Actively heated chamber

Thanks to the actively heated print chamber, you can print even large models safely from advanced technological materials on the AzteQ Industrial printer.

3.  Swappable printheads

Select a specific printhead configuration for a specific material and printing speed. Simply attach the selected printhead to the magnets and the AzteQ will automatically perform full printer calibration on its own.

4.  High speed for high volume printing

With AzteQ, the model is always statically positioned on the PrintPad and the lightweight printhead without an extruder will not only surprise you with its moving speed but also with its printing capacity.

5.  Robust frame with separate compartments

Thanks to the thermal insulation of the chamber, heat loss and printer surface heating is minimized. Additionally, a separate electronics compartment with active cooling minimizes the thermal stress during prolonged printing at high temperatures.

6.  Remote printer management

With integrated lighting, a built-in camera and remote access from anywhere, you have 100% control of the printer. Now you can print for days without worries or let our technicians check your AzteQ quickly and safely.

A completely new printer

Print anything

AzteQ can print all major types of FDM printing materials. It is designed for high-volume printing utilizing mechanically resistant materials such as ABS, ASA, PA, PC, etc., to meet industrial applications, physically demanding scenarios or surroundings with active chemicals. It can also handle simpler materials such as PLA, PETG and CPE.


Technical and composite materials

Models from technical materials like ABS/ASA, Nylon or Nylon with CF printed on AzteQ simply by using hardened nozzle.


Bigger and difficult models

Bigger and more difficult models from PLA, PETG or CPE, printed on AzteQ without or with limited need of supports from the same material.


Standard models and materials

Standard models from PLA, PETG or CPE materials printed on AzteQ with ease, fast and in perfect surface quality.

Brands that trust our printers

Client support you can count on

Using a remote secure connection to your printer not only allows for a full overview of printing from anywhere along with automatic updates of the printer firmware, but also allows you to quickly and safely check the printer’s status with our TRILAB technicians.


A printer under your supervision

Operate the printer as you see fit. Using the wireless DeltaControl display located on the docking station, securely in your hand or from the WebControl web interface via your PC or Mac. All this both locally (Wifi / LAN) and via secure remote access.

Multi-day prints always under control

Thanks to the lighting of the print chamber, the integrated camera, the connectable external USB webcam in combination with the remote connection, you’ll always be in control. You can print for days without worries or allow your AzteQ to be checked quickly and safely by our technicians.


Technical Specifications

Printer Specifications

Additive technology Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM); Delta kinematics
Print volume AzteQ: Ø 300 mm (X, Y) × 400 mm (Z)
PrintHead Lightweight printhead attached using magnets; connectors for easy replacement of the entire head;
E3D V6 Volcano hotend;
Dedicated printheads that are specifically designed for individual materials
Extruder E3D Titan extruder positioned in the AzteQ Hub;
the bowden filament guide attaches to the printhead
Print bed Massive, 8 mm thick aluminum heated bed;
Integrated magnets that hold the PrintPad sheets
PrintPads Flexible & swappable PrintPads sheets;
Rough PEI surface PrintPad;
Smooth PEI surface PrintPad;
A PrintPad with a surface for PA (polyamide) based materials
Print chamber An actively heated print chamber up to 80 ° C ;
Sensors and electronics maintain the chamber temperature;
An insulated printing chamber with separate electronics
Electronics 32bit Duet and Duex primary electronics to control prints;
TRILAB secondary electronics for printer connection with advanced features
Controls and interfaces Wireless 6.5 "DeltaControl” in-hand display or the AzteQ Hub charging station located directly on the frame ;
Connections 3× USB port for WiFi/LAN module, USB flash drive,
TRILAB QuadPrint webcam or extension
Print monitoring An LED color indicator on the AzteQ Hub allowing for a visual status check of the printer; Upper integrated camera ;
Adjustable LED lighting of the printing space
Supported input formats STL/gcode; Primarily supported PrusaSlicer, Kisslicer;
alternatively gcode from Cura, Simplify3D
Operating printer temperature Recommended printer operating temperature is 20 - 32 ° C (68 - 90 ° F), storage temperature 0 - 32 ° C (32 - 90 ° F)
Dimensions and printer weight AzteQ: 59×52×105 cm (WxDxH)/ 38 kg
Package dimensions and weight AzteQ: 60×60×120 cm (WxDxH)/ 55 kg (w/o pallet)
Power supply 220-240V input; 10A; 50-60Hz

Print output

X and Y axis resolution Depending on the nozzle used 0.25 - 1.2 mm; standard 0.4 mm
Z - axis resolution Minimum layer height 50 µm; maximum according to the nozzle
Maximum chamber temperature 80 °C
Maximum nozzle temperature 300°C by default
High temperature printhead up to 400 °C
Maximum bed temperature 105 °C



Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Compatible materials ABS, ASA, PA, PC, PP, PETG, CPE, PLA, including composite and filled analogues


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