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Custom 3D printing in ASA, TPU or nylon within 72 hours

Do you need to print a specific part for production? Send us your 3D model and we’ll contact you to arrange a print immediately. Furthermore, we’re also happy to advise you on suitable material and technology.


Send the model, we will contact you immediately

1. Send your model

Ideally in step, stp, obj, sldprt or 3mf format. The maximum size of the model is Ø 300 mm (X, Y) × 500 mm (Z).

2. We will contact you and select the material

ASA, ABS, PETG, PC blend, TPU, TPE, nylon, composite variants, polypropylene and more.

2. We will contact you and select the material

ASA, ABS, PETG, PC blend, TPU, TPE, nylon, composite variants, polypropylene and more.

Inquiry for custom 3D printing

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
The allowed formats are .obj, .stl, .stp, .sldprt, and .igs, as well as .zip archives. The maximum size is 10 MB.
For larger files or multiple files, please just submit the form without the files. We’ll contact you and work out your file transfer.
We recommend that you leave us sufficient notes on print details when you’re arranging a print. (The speed and price will depend on these.)
We’ll be glad to advise you on your choice of materials, and color if you’d like. But you can also send us your own specific requirements.
TRILAB DeltiQ 2 Plus

Perfect demo and custom prints

Whether you want to verify the usefulness of 3D printing with a demo print, or you need to print additional pieces to fulfill a company order, we’ve got your covered. For a custom 3D print we’ll use our printer farm of proven TRILAB DeltiQ printers.

Custom printing can become a business opportunity

Generate new revenue with custom 3D printing. Create your own 3D print farm. As a standalone product, 3D printing will open up new business opportunities. Choose the best partner (or expand your existing farm) to print tall and long models as well as small and accurate models. TRILAB printers will surprise you with the unique quality of their outputs.



Dimensional accuracy with less than a 0.5% error margin


Print size

Large print volume and print height up to 50 cm



Based on the delta kinematics concept = a solid PrintPad and light printhead


Top class printing

Only the highest quality from the first to the last layer


Superb service

You’ll receive personalized service and support

So who uses TRILAB printers for their
custom printing?


Airsoft equipment accessories created on a specially modified TRILAB printer.


RavMeimad – Benzion Cheirif

Top notch printing on a DeltiQ from an experienced 3D printer, his creations also adorn Israeli companies and households.Napište nám

Brands that trust our printers


Creations our clients have made

Our precision 3D printers

When purchasing a 3D printer from TRILAB, you won't simply end up with a box of hardware. We're here to support you and even provide training so you can fully take advantage of that precisely built machine.

TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic

The TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic professional delta printer is the ideal workhorse for high-volume printing of PLA, PETG, PA-CF or PC-CF and meets the requirements of customers who appreciate the versatility of the AzteQ series, superior surface quality, high print volume but do not require an actively heated print chamber.

TRILAB AzteQ Industrial

This professional delta printer features a closed printing chamber for exceptional 3D printing without material or spatial compromises. The swappable magnetic printhead is equipped with an auto-calibrated strain gauge allowing for even easier 3D printing.


It is different from other printers. And not just in the aesthetic department. TRILAB DeltiQ 2 is a reliable printer built from quality parts, which are also used for professional 3D printing in companies and laboratories.