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How Havas Is Introducing Czech Society to 3D Printing

In Prague’s Letenské Sady park, you’ll find an exceptional building that once housed the Expo 58 restaurant. It was relocated here in 1960 from the Expo 58 in Brussels, where it had been serving to represent Czechoslovakia internationally. But that’s another story.

Our story is about the present. Today, this pavilion houses the Czech branch of the international communication agency Havas. Right when you walk in the door of this marvelous glass-walled building, you’ll notice their TRILAB DeltiQ printer running at full pace.

Its placement there is no accident, as Luboš Hort (their head of 3D printing) explains: “One of the roles for our 3D printer is as an icebreaker. And the DeltiQ printer, with its eighty centimeters of height and the elegant motions of its print head, definitely serves this role well.”

The printer at Havas serves for a wide range of marketing activities. One of the most frequent is the production of small promotional items, such as the small “chairs” (in the form of an “h”) that represent the company logo. Since 3D printing is so well-suited to small print runs, it’s an optimal way to provide custom-designed promotional items even on short notice for the events you’re organizing.

Its second and no less important use is for education and for presenting 3D printing to the public. Luboš Hort, himself an printing enthusiast and an enthusiastic builder of printers, has this to say: “The delta printer spices up a variety of events. Everything from Designblok to our own shopping-center event—3D printing literally draws people in. And children, of course, are attracted most of all by its prints of plastic figures that they can take home with them.”

The presence of a 3D printer is also a great bonus for employees. They can just email a model to the printer, and in a few hours or days, depending on the printer’s current load, they can stop by for their own finished personal, made-to-order print.

Luboš Hort states that print quality is the biggest advantage of TRILAB printers: “The first time I saw this delta printer live, my jaw dropped at the print quality. I’d never seen anything like it in all of the five years that I’ve been involved in 3D printing.  Things went fast from there: it was beautiful, and I wanted to have one too,” he notes, smiling.

All of their prints are made from PLA, and they don’t receive any surface treatments. Their material has a high-quality surface right out of the printer, and that’s great for promotional use, because Havas never loses time on further processing, which is an especially fundamental factor in the fast-paced world of PR and marketing events.

Havas Prague je českou pobočkou mezinárodní reklamní a marketingové agentury Havas, která sídlí ve Francii. Působí celkem v 35 zemích. Česká pobočka sídlí v pavilonu z Expa 58, kterou si překřtila na Havas Village. Celkem 200 profesionálů z více než 30 národností obhospodařuje přes XX desítek klientů z celého světa v oblastech XXXYYY.

Havas is an agency that’s part of an international network. In the Czech Republic, it’s one of the largest and most dynamically developing agencies. Its main mission is to build meaningful connections between people and brands, with the help of media, creativity, and innovations. Their experienced team, which counts over 200 experts from all sectors of communications, is currently caring for over 50 brands on local and international networks. Among them you’ll find popular brands such as Google, T-Mobile, UNICEF, JDE, Savencia, Mondelez, Continental, EKO-KOM, GSK, and many more.

Havas provides an entire spectrum of integrated services across a variety of communication channels, and its in-house production infrastructure lets it execute its campaigns very effectively. It can offer every client—across their whole range of sizes and specialties—care that’s designed to help their brand succeed, thanks to the experience and enthusiasm on the Havas team.