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Present Yourself as a School for the 21st Century

3D printing is a great aid not only for teaching, but also for creating long-term projects for students and children. DeltiQ printers are a great tool for familiarizing people with 3D printing technology. They’re a guarantee of great print outputs with no configuration work.

Why keep a TRILAB DeltiQ at your school?

  • You’ll save money, and you’ll be able to print even the largest of educational aids, like skeletons and rockets.
  • You’ll capture students’ interest with a new technology.í
  • We’ll teach you to use the printer in person.

How are TRILAB printers helping out in education?

SŠ Jílová Brno

SŠ Jílová Brno


ZŠ Nám. Míru Svitavy

With a Google Earth model of a city square and a collection of bacteria all the way to the finals of a high-school competition.

Napište nám


DINO Schools of Prague

Student projects in the form of team contests on TRILAB 3D Printers.

Napište nám

Join the ranks of satisfied TRILAB printer users


Add variety to your teaching and make a safe bet.

We’ll be glad to print out sample models and present financing methods to you. Just let us know.