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Gain the Freedom to Think More Creatively

Start by imagining what you’ll make, not by pondering how to make it. 3D printing is the ideal way to make your bravest ideas a reality, and the DeltiQ 3D printer is a top-rate tool for this.

Designers love TRILAB printers because:

  • They get a fine-tuned tool for fast prototyping
  • They can quickly verify implementability on a reduced-size model
  • They can produce great-quality print models at trade fairs
  • They get superb service and support

Who uses TRILAB printers?

Adam Krhánek

This “cybersculptor” has produced the largest 3D-printed sculpture in Europe.


Antonín Nosek

This Czech designer uses the TRILAB DeltiQ to print original interior furnishings and decorations.

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Some We Can’t Show

Many companies like to keep their projects private—but we’ll be glad to go over yours with you.

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Here’s where they’re already using TRILAB printers


Join the ranks of those who demand perfect prints

We’ll be glad to tell you more about DeltiQ or send you a printed sample. Just let us know.

Our customers’ model prints

Socha dle 3D skenu
Adam Krhánek
Dekorativní miska
Antonín Nosek
Model sportovní haly
Svitap Svitavy
Model testeru masek, Jan Ďurina
Dekorativní miska
Antonín Nosek
Dekorativní vejce
Antonín Nosek

Save Time With a Safe Bet

We’ll be glad to print out sample models for you. Just let us know.